• An event programmer of “Merveilles” Live talked about Gackt’s wiring in “Le ciel”. There was a big problem in the concert hall of Kobe. At the last part of Le ciel, Gackt should go up and disappear. But the hall in Kobe was so small that if Gackt fell down to be released from the wire, the audience would see him again.
  • G: I will be hanging until all the audience is gone.
  • P: It may take over 30 minutes until all the audience get out of the hall.
  • G: It doesn’t matter.
  • So Gackt must have waited with wiring for 30 minutes.
  • In the day of concert….
  • P: Gackt, you can get down!
  • G: All the audience is gone?
  • P: Actually, no, a couple of them are still there.
  • G: Then I will be here till they are gone.
  • P:
  • Posted on 7月 05, 2012
    Tagged: #I'M CRYING #THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU GACKT #IMAGINE HOW HAPPY EVERYONE WAS WAITING FOR YOU IN THE VAN #IMAGINE PEOPLE'S FACES SEEING HIM DRAMATICALLY HANGING FOREVER #best band in the world jesus christ sometimes i forget that #közi must've kicked everyone out with a fire extinguisher after the first 20 minutes #why did i post this as text ಠ_ಠ #gackt #malice mizer

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